Tools for Event Organisation

Use the CMS to have all data in one place and save hundreds of hours.

Events66 CMS

  • Replacing email ping pong with contributors (exhibitors, speakers, …)
  • All data in one place. Avoid Excel copy/paste and versioning
  • Attendee Management (invitations, registration, mailings, ticketing, …)
  • Configurable data types with custom fields (e.g. exhibitors, partners, speakers, schedules, attendees, …)
  • Protected self-service-forms for contributors, application and call for papers
  • No lock-in: Import / Export data at any time
  • Responsive web agenda and schedule
  • Predefined email templates and automatic send options
  • Use your own mail system (SMTP)
  • Connect any 3rd party service without API incl. whitelisting of fields
  • Zapier Integration (Q1/2020)
  • GDPR conformity

The outcome of any event should be optimal for attendees and organizers. We are optimizing your event by making great tools for them. By using our Software you will save hundreds of hours of work, with the best tool in your portfolio.

Pricing Events66 CMS

Our pricing is based on a per event fee. Pay once and use it until your event has been finished.

  • We are happy, if you use our software many months before your event. Therefore we charge per event.
  • Unlike most other software, we don’t charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users or 50, the price is the same.
  • Add as many contributors as you like, no extra fee is charged.
  • Unlimited mail templates and mailings – 25.000 mails for mailings included
  • 250GB storage space for all your data
  • 1TB data transfer capacity
  • Your data is available at least six months after the event has ended
  • No customer has touched this limits
  • Depending on your event’s size and frequency we offer discounts.

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