Events66 Event App and Website

We are releasing our new Standard Events66 App and Website for your event. Your attendees can download the Events66 App from the app stores, enter the eventcode and have immediate access to your published content or they just open your Events66 event web site. Setting up your content is possible in hours.

The solution will be based on out proven event app technology, that is in use at many events.


Web Display

Try it live

  1. Download the app or launch the website
  2. Enter the Eventcode “demo”

We are updating on a daily basis. If something is not working as expected send us a hint


iOS & Android App + Web site for your event

App Highlights

  • Events66 App
  • Public & Restricted Access
  • In-App Branding & Colors

Event Highlights

  • News
  • Agenda (including embeddable live / streaming content via your streaming software, please ask for details)
  • Speaker
  • Exhibitors
  • Locations
  • More (e.g. Travel, Hotels, Aftershow-party, Venue Map, Support, Data Protection & Imprint,  …)
  • Event Analytics

Attendee Highlights

  • Ticket List / Self Registration
  • Profile & Self profiling
  • Matching & Search for People
  • Chats
  • Meetings
  • Workshop Bookings
  • Lead-/Contact-scan
  • Attendee Analytics & Export

Custom Features

  • Votings / Polls / Q&A
  • XINGEvents Connect Eventbrite Connect
  • Admission Control
  • Interactive Maps
  • Ticket List / Self Registration

Click here for Plans & Features

For early access, please send us a request.