Event-Konferenz 2020

Am 13.5.2020 haben wir gemeinsam mit Livestream.watch eine Online Mini-Konferenz rund um die Themen, die Event-Veranstalter heute bewegen, veranstaltet. Die Aufzeichnung steht weiterhin zur Verfügung. Referenten Katrin Taepke – Bloggerin von MICEstens digital Sebastian Greiner – Streaming-Experte von Livestream.watch Sven Herchenhein – Event Digitalisierungs-Experte von Events66 Programm ab 15:30 Online-Konferenz geöffnet zur Teilnahme (Online-Einlass) 16:0016:05 […]

Events66 Online Conferencing

In the last days we have worked hard to build our Events66 Online Conferencing product. You can setup your own online conference in 3 easy steps. Upload your content (Speaker, Schedule, Exhibitor & News) into the Events66 CMS Connect your streaming provider to the schedule entries (all streaming providers are support) Publish the data and […]

New Standard App & Website for Online & Offline Events

We are releasing our new Standard Events66 App and Website for your event soon. This solution has been optimized for online and offline events. Your attendees can download the Events66 App from the app stores or open the website, enter the eventcode and have immediate access to your published content. Setting up your event and […]

Release February 2020

Last month we have asked our customers for feedback. This release is fully dedicated customers‘ feedback and provides a lot of the requested features. Clarification of visibility of data and media Based on customers‘ feedback, we would like to clarify the visibility of data and media files. Events66 Content Management System (CMS) handles the data […]

Setup a complete „Call for Presentations“ process – Walkthrough (15 minutes)

Within this walkthrough, you will learn to setup a call for presentations workflow for your event based on our self creation forms. The same process can be used for any kind of data that you want to collect from users that have not been added by you to Events66 CMS, e.g. Call for Papers, Call […]

Release 01-2020

The January release will improve self services, provide new mail triggers based on status changes and new api functionality Themeable Self Service Forms We have updated the design and prepared themeable self service forms. Within the appearance section you can now change the colors and the theme of the self service forms. New field type […]

Send automatic mail on status field change

You can send emails automatically based on changes of status fields. Create a status field in your content type (if not present) Open the mail or create one for the given content type Select the status field Select the status‘ value Select one of the email fields of this content. As soon as an item […]

Whitelisted API

Basics The REST URLs have the following format: GET https://europe-west1-events66app.cloudfunctions.net/api/events/<eventID>/types/<contentType>/secret/<apiSecret> Lists all objects. GET https://europe-west1-events66app.cloudfunctions.net/apiv2/events/<eventID>/types/<contentType>/secret/<apiSecret> Lists all objects only with whitelisted fields. POST https://europe-west1-events66app.cloudfunctions.net/create Creates a new object. POST https://europe-west1-events66app.cloudfunctions.net/update Updates a existing object POST Headers Every POST request has to use the following headers: x-eventcode <your eventID (can be found in the general settings […]

December Release

The December release will improve mail templates, mailings and under the hood test automation New Mail Templating We have added MJML for creating new mails based on the public MJML syntax. We have also added some mail templates based on this to create beautiful emails with just one click. For details about MJML and more […]

How to get started

1. Request your demonstration First of all you have to request a demonstration. We will arrange a meeting where we introduce you into the CMS, answer your questions and create a trial event for you, which you can use for testing our CMS You can request your demonstration either here directly or you can get […]

Create custom tables or kanbans

You can create unlimited different tables and kanbans to view different fields of your items. Create new Table Click on the icon at the top left corner of the screen which shows the current Name of the Table or Kanban Click „Add Table“ or „Edit“ if you want to edit the shown fields of a […]

Create custom fields in content type

You can create custom fields in any content type Select „Content Types“ from Event Settings navigation Press the „Edit“ button for the content type you would like to edit Select the „Fields“ Tab Press the „Add custom field“ on the top bar Fill in the label and select a field type. Available field types are: […]

Events66 CMS – Vexcon & TechXperience

This post ist only available in german, because both events will be held in german. Die neue Version ist da  – umfangreicher – besser – einfacher Pünktlich zu den Events Vexcon & TechXperience haben wir unsere neueste Version des Events66 CMS gestartet. Vexcon Unser Vorstand Sven Herchenhein wird am 26.10.2019 ab 15:05 Uhr zum Thema […]

Major Release November 2019

The major release November 2019 will bring a lot of new features. New field types and new view types help the users in their daily work. New Custom Field Type „Status“ The new custom field type „Status“ is available for all content types. Each status in the status field type can have a dedicated text […]

Create Mail Templates and send Mails

Create Mail Templates Mail Templates can be created by clicking on „Mail Templates“ in the sidebar of an event. A mail template is always associated with one content type. Within the mail body you can use placeholders for item fields from the associated content type or event (e.g. %%item.SelfServiceLink%% %%event.title%%). While Events66 is supporting plain […]

Data protection

While creating an event, you will be asked for a data protection url. Please ensure, that the data protection at this url covers all your legal requirements. For any contributed data we will ask the contributor to accept your and our data protection policy

Self Service & Self Creation Forms

Self service forms allow contributors to edit existing items. Self service forms are accessible by a token protected url. Anyone who has the url is capable to edit the item. Self creations forms allow any user to create new items for given content type.

Create custom content type

Open or create an event and ensure that you have administrative rights for this event Click on „Content Types“ Click the „Add“ button at the top Choose one of the provided templates or choose „Custom Content Type“ to create a new content type Content Title: The title for your new content type Navigation Icon: Select […]

How to setup information for self service and self creation forms?

You can provide information on self service and self creation forms such as intro texts and success texts. Login into your event (you have to be an admin of this event) Select „Content Types“ from the sidebar Select the type you want to add information to Select the „Self Service“ Section Activate self service and […]

How to export and import data?

Export Select your type and all items you want to export Press the „Export“ button. All your data in the type will exported as csv in your browser Open it from the download folder Hint: If you open the CSV in Excel and special characters are not detected (eg. ä ö ü ß) or all […]

How to use the API

You can access your data with our API to use them in 3rd party applications such as WordPress. Login into your event (you have to be an admin of this event) Make sure the items you want to get by api are „published“. Not published item are not accessible by API. Click on „API & […]

What kind of roles are available and how can i add users?

Events66 has the following roles for users: Administrators (a.k.a. admin) of an event This is the owner of an event. The admin can manage all belongings of an event Editor of an event An editor can maintain only data within an event Self Service User The self service user is not a explicite role. Everyone […]

Can I use my mail account?

Yes, you can use your mail account. We suggest, that you create an extra mail account on your mail server and enter the smtp credentials into the „Mail Settings“ section of your event. By clicking on „Test Settings“ an email will be send to your account. If you want to use our mail system, press […]

What are types, fields, mail templates and self service users?

Please consider the following picture: Events An Event is your event. It will be defined at least by an eventcode, title, date and language. Additional optional fields are available. The eventcode is a special field, it is the primary key for your event and can not be modified later. Types An Event has types. This […]

How is the license model?

Our pricing is based on a per event fee. Pay once and use it until your event has been finished. We are happy, if you use our software many months before your event. Therefore we charge per event. Unlike most other software, we don’t charge you based on how many users you add. 5 users […]

Do we pay extra for more data and fields?

No. Unlike most SAAS software, we don’t charge you based on how many entries you have, unless you have not stored more than 250 GB of data and not transferred more than 1 TB of data (up- & downloads)

How to create an event?

Login into https://cms.events66.com Click „Create“ Add a new event on the event list screen. Fill in the required fields: Title: The title for your event. Start date and End date: The first and the last date of you event. Event language: The primary language for your event’s content. Event Code: Your event’s unique identifier. This […]

Can I test Events66?

Yes. Please request a demonstration on our site https://events66.com. We create a demo event with you. You can use the test until the end of the trial period.