Our CMS helps event organisers preparing their events. Event organisers collect information from contributors and provide important information about the event for the contributors.

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Prepare your event

  • Create content types with any fields you like.
  • Add custom fields with strong rules for data filled in.
  • Enable self-service forms for any content type.
  • Enable call-for-paper and applications forms for any content type.
  • Add custom header and additional information to each content types self service form.
  • Upload and receive files of any size and type and make them available for download.
  • Set up references between content types.
  • Upload existing data from your csv/xls files and map them to the fields of your content type.
  • Create mail templates for each content type.

Create and collect data / content

  • Use email templates to invite contributors for filling data in the self-service form.
  • Collect any data by opening your forms for application.
  • Monitor completion percentage per item.
  • Allow media upload with dedicated types and exact image sizes e.g. 1024×767 pixels.
  • As soon as all data is collected, you can set your forms to readonly or as not longer available.
  • Allow contributors to ask you questions and answer them within the form.
  • Feature Q1/2020: Zapier for connection to e.g. Salesforce, Google Sheet, …

Use the data

  • Export the data at any time.
  • Connect third party systems to our secure API and let them use the data.
  • Use our timetables and lists for your event.
  • Perfectly updated data for printing.
  • Connect WordPress and other content management systems with plugins to the Events66 CMS.
  • Feature Q1/2020 Zapier for connection for notifying systems on changes.