You can create custom fields in any content type

  1. Select „Content Types“ from Event Settings navigation
  2. Press the „Edit“ button for the content type you would like to edit
  3. Select the „Fields“ Tab
  4. Press the „Add custom field“ on the top bar
  5. Fill in the label and select a field type. Available field types are:
    • Checkbox
    • Color picker
    • Date picker
    • Date & Time Picker
    • Email
    • Emails
    • HTML
    • Icon Picker
    • Media (Images, Presentations, Documents, PDFs, Videos)
    • Number
    • Single Select
    • Multi Select
    • Reference (to other content type items)
    • Status (for Kanban)
    • Tag Cloud
    • Textarea
    • Text
    • URL
  6. Depending on the selected field type additional settings may apply
  7. Set the self service permissions for the new field
    • None (This field will not be visible to self service users.)
    • Read only: Self service users can only read the content of this field.
    • Read and Write: Self service users can edit the content of this field.
  8. Press „Save“ in the dialog
  9. Press „Save type“