Mail Templates can be created by clicking on “Mail Templates” in the sidebar of an event.

A mail template is always associated with one content type and has subject.

Within the mail body you can use placeholders for item fields from the associated content type or event (e.g. %%item.SelfServiceLink%% %%event.title%%).

While Events66 is supporting plain text and html emails as well, we are not offering a html mail editor.

For creating html mail templates, we suggest the free services from You can create beautiful html templates there and copy the generated HTML or the MJML code to the mailbody field. If you copy MJML please keep in mind that the starting tag <mjml> and the closing tag </mjml> have to the first and the last tag.

Please keep in mind, that this email templates have to be syntactically correct. The mjml editor indicates this with a “x” in a red cross. The preview of Events66 CMS shows also this errors.