In the last days we have worked hard to build our Events66 Online Conferencing product. You can setup your own online conference in 3 easy steps.

  1. Upload your content (Speaker, Schedule, Exhibitor & News) into the Events66 CMS
  2. Connect your streaming provider to the schedule entries (all streaming providers are support)
  3. Publish the data and invite your attendees to visit


  • Live in Minutes
  • UX / UI optimized for online conferences. Twitch Deck / Youtube proven UX concepts instead of static images with click areas
  • Live Updates for Speaker, Schedule, Exhibitor & News data
  • Exhibitor contacts, details and interaction (e.g. 1-1 Chat launch & 1-1 Video-Conference launch e.g. Zoom, File Download)
  • Speaker interaction with live tools (e.g. or
  • Full service for setting up the external tools like Zoom and Slido.


External services

You can easily integrate your external services like Zoom, Youtube, Hangout, Teams, Slido, etc. for streaming, chat or audience interaction. The external services are not part of our license and may have to purchased by your own. If you need a full service incl. all licenses and setup. Please contact us.