How to set up a privacy link?

Februar 13, 2019 in FAQ

While creating an event you can provide a privacy url (from your company)

Any self-service user has then to accept your privacy url as well as the Events66 privacy url.

How to create and use a mail template?

Februar 13, 2019 in FAQ

You can create as many mail template as you like. You also clone templates. Each template is assigned to a type. Events66 is offering a lot of templates for the example types.

  1. Login into your event (you have to be an administrator of this event)
  2. Select „Mail Templates“ in the sidebar
  3. Clone or create a new template
  4. Select the type
  5. Fill in your subject. Add placeholder for event fields or fields of the type
  6. Fill in your body. Add placeholder for event fields or fields of the type. The mail body allows html and formatted text
  7. Save your mail template

Now your mail template is ready for usage.

Hint: Only those items in a type that have a self service username and self service mail set, will receive the mail.

  1. Select the type
  2. Select the items in the list, select „Mail“ as action and press submit or open the item and press „Send Mail“
  3. Select your template
  4. Modify the mail subject or body
  5. Click on preview(s)
  6. Send the mail


  • The mail will be sent by using the default mailer settings or your configured mailer set up in „Mailer Settings“
  • If you prefer to use another mail delivery service, export the items of your type as csv (it includes all fields and the self service link) and use it in your preferred mail delivery service.

How to export and import data?

Februar 13, 2019 in FAQ


  1. Select your type
  2. Press the „Export“ button. All your data in the type will exported as csv in your browser
  3. Open it from the download folder

Hint: If you open the CSV in Excel an special characters are not detected (eg. ä ö ü ß), rename the file etxension to txt and open it from Excel’s file open dialog and select UTF-8 as encoding. Apple Numbers is detecting the format correctly


Note: Importing data can override your data. The data you are importing have to have a unique id for each row.

  1. Select the type you want to import data into
  2. Press the „Import“ button
  3. Open the CSV or XLS file, you want to import from
  4. Map the fields from your import to the fields in Events66. You can also skip fields. The mapping ist automatically saved for future imports.
  5. A Preview is shown on the bottom of the screen.
  6. Validate the data and import as soon as you are sure to import the data. Records with the same id will be update. New records will be added. No records will be deleted.

How to use the API

Februar 11, 2019 in FAQ
  1. Login into your event (you have to be an admin of this event)
  2. Provide some items for types and ensure that the items are set to „published“. Not published item are not accessible by API.
  3. Click on „Settings“ in the sidebar and scroll to the „Secret“ and ensure that you have entered a secret for your API. Without a secret, your API access is blocked
  4. Click on „API“ in the sidebar. Here are all types and the number of published items available.
  5. If you have multiple languages in your event you will see a link per language

Available parameters for the API (could be combined):

  • format, values are csv or json (e.g. ?format=json)
  • lang, values are 2-digit iso-code (e.g. ?lang=us)

What kind of roles are available and how can i add users?

Februar 8, 2019 in FAQ

Events66 has the following roles for users:

  1. Administrators (a.k.a. admin) of an event
    This is the owner of an event. The admin can manage all belongings of an event
  2. Editor of an event
    An editor can maintain only data within an event
  3. Self Service User
    The self service user is not a explicite role. Everyone who has a self service url and is contributing data is seen as a self service user. You

Add a new user as Administrator or Editor by clicking on „User management“ in the sidebar:

  1. Press „Add“
  2. Choose action „Add user and send invitation“
  3. Fill in „Email of user“
  4. Specify appropriate roles
  5. Press „Create“

If the user has already an account in Events66, she will receive an email with a link and the event is immediately visible in her list of events. If the user does not exist, she will receive an invitation for creating an account. As soon as the account is created, she will have the event in her list of events.

How to add a field to a type?

Februar 8, 2019 in FAQ
  1. Login into your event (you have to be an admin of this event)
  2. Click on types in the sidebar
  3. Create or select a new
  4. Click „Add field“
  5. Give your field a label
  6. select the type of your field click on „Next“
  7. Fill in the options, set the visibility and press save
  8. Optional: add the field to your tables as column
  9. Press „Save“

How to create a custom type

Februar 8, 2019 in FAQ
  1. Login into your event (you have to be an admin of this event)
  2. Click on types in the sidebar
  3. Create a new type
  4. Specify a name
  5. Fill in the options


What kind of fields are available and how can I configure them?

Februar 8, 2019 in FAQ

Events 66 offers all required field types:

  • Checkbox
  • Email (single or multi)
  • HTML
  • Media Upload (images, slides, pdfs, … incl. pixel-size check for images, filesize check and filetype check)
  • Number Input
  • Phone Number Input
  • Currency Input
  • List / Selections (single and mulitple selections)
  • Text (incl. length check)
  • Tag-Cloud (incl. max selection check)
  • URL (incl. check)
  • Picker (date)
  • Picker (time)
  • Picker (date & time)

Options (depending on file types):

  • Label
  • Hint
  • Placeholder
  • Table tooltip (shown in lists)
  • Roles
  • Multi-language support
  • Self-service permission
  • Required flag

See also:

Can I use my mail account?

Januar 4, 2019 in FAQ

Yes, you can use your mail account.

We suggest, that you create an extra mail account on your mail server and enter the smtp credentials into the „Admin > Mail Settings“ section of your event. By clicking on „Test Settings“ an email will be send to your account.

If you want to use our mail system, press reset to clear all fields.

What are types, fields, mail templates and self service users?

Dezember 6, 2018 in FAQ

Please consider the following picture:

An Event is your event. It will be defined at least by an eventcode, title, date and language. Additional optional fields are available. The eventcode is a special field, it is the primary key for your event and can not be modified later.

An Event has types. This types can be created based on our standard types or your own types. Types are for instance exhibitor, partner, speakers, notifications, … You can think of types like sheets in an excel file
If you would like to use the Events66 app, you have to use the standard types (you can add additional fields)

A type has fields. The fields are any kind of input types (text, dropdown, checkbox, image upload, tag cloud ,…). Each field as additional attributes like label, requirement flags, etc. The visibility and accessibility of fields can be restricted to Events66 users and contributors.

Self service users
You can allow that an external user (self service user) can edit the public fields of a type. Do enable self service, you have to set the item to „Self service allowed“. You can then send the self service link to the user. Anyone who has the link can open the form and fill in data in the self-service form.

The standard types come with mail templates for „invite self service user“ and „remind self service user“. You can modify this template and insert placeholder from the event or type / item.

For more details see the How it works section.


Are multiple languages supported?

Dezember 1, 2018 in FAQ

Yes. You can define as many languages for content as you want on event creation. The first language is the primary language, that is always used if other languages are not filled in.

You can also create mail templates in any language you want. (Hint: just duplicate it and add e.g. -de to the name of the template)

The Event66 Backoffice as well as the contribution self-service forms are currently available on english.

How is the license model?

Dezember 1, 2018 in FAQ

Licensing is based on a per event basis. As soon as you have created an event press the upgrade button you have full licensed event. Please fill in form an we will send you an invoice.

Your event and data will be available free months after your event.

Included in your license is storage and transfer of 50 GB of data for each. For more details and please see the order form of your event. If you have a recurring (under year) events please contact for special quotes.

Do we pay extra for more data and fields?

Dezember 1, 2018 in FAQ

No. Unlike most SAAS software, we don’t charge you based on how many entries you have, unless you have not stored more than 50 GB of data and not transferred more than 50 GB of data (up- & downloads)

Can I test Events66?

Dezember 1, 2018 in FAQ

Yes. Register on, approve your email address and create an event after signing in. You can create unlimited types and fields. The free version is only limited to 5 entries per type. You can upgrade your free project at any time. If you don’t want to use our Events66 back office you can delete your event. We will delete not upgraded events at least one year after last usage.