1. Login into https://ebo.events66.com
  2. Add a new event on the event list screen.
  3. Fill in the required fields:
    • Event Code: Your event’s unique identifier. This event code will be used inside the backoffice and the app. This event code has to be at least four characters long and is lower case. It can not be changed later.
    • Title: The title for your event.
    • Start date and End date: The first and the last date of you event.
    • Event timezone: Your event’s timezone.
    • Languages of Contents:┬áThe primary and additional languages for your event’s content. The first language is the mandatory language for all multi-language fields. If you like to change it later, please contact the support.
    • Types: You can select the types for your event from the list of our type templates. You can add, modify or delete types and fields in the types later too. Some of the types are mandatory and can not be deselected or modified.