You can create as many mail template as you like. You also clone templates. Each template is assigned to a type. Events66 is offering a lot of templates for the example types.

  1. Login into your event (you have to be an administrator of this event)
  2. Select „Mail Templates“ in the sidebar
  3. Clone or create a new template
  4. Select the type
  5. Fill in your subject. Add placeholder for event fields or fields of the type
  6. Fill in your body. Add placeholder for event fields or fields of the type. The mail body allows html and formatted text
  7. Save your mail template

Now your mail template is ready for usage.

Hint: Only those items in a type that have a self service username and self service mail set, will receive the mail.

  1. Select the type
  2. Select the items in the list, select „Mail“ as action and press submit or open the item and press „Send Mail“
  3. Select your template
  4. Modify the mail subject or body
  5. Click on preview(s)
  6. Send the mail


  • The mail will be sent by using the default mailer settings or your configured mailer set up in „Mailer Settings“
  • If you prefer to use another mail delivery service, export the items of your type as csv (it includes all fields and the self service link) and use it in your preferred mail delivery service.