1. Select your type and all items you want to export
  2. Press the „Export“ button. All your data in the type will exported as csv in your browser
  3. Open it from the download folder

Hint: If you open the CSV in Excel and special characters are not detected (eg. ä ö ü ß) or all data is displayed in one line. Please do the following steps.

  1. Rename the file extension to .txt
  2. Open the renamed file from Excel’s file open dialog and select UTF-8 as encoding.

Apple Numbers is detecting the format correctly


Note: Importing data can override your data. The data you are importing must have a unique id for each row.

  1. Select the type you want to import data into
  2. Press the „Import“ button
  3. Open the CSV or XLS file, you want to import from
  4. Use auto-mapping or map the fields from your import to the fields in Events66. You can also skip fields. The mapping ist automatically saved for future imports. Keep in mind that the UID must be mapped
  5. A preview is shown on the bottom of the screen
  6. Validate the data and import as soon as you are sure to import the data. Records with the same id will be updated. New records will be added. No records will be deleted.