1. Request your demonstration

  1. First of all you have to request a demonstration. We will arrange a meeting where we introduce you into the CMS, answer your questions and create a trial event for you, which you can use for testing our CMS
  2. You can request your demonstration either here directly or you can get more information about pricing, licensing and more here

2. Create your event and setup the data protection url

  1. Usually we will create the event for you during the demonstration. Should you ever need to create a new one by yourself please refer to the following articles:

3. Complete Order

  1. If you are happy with the trial version and want to upgrade to the full version you’ll need to fill out the „Request quote“ form.
  2. You can find the button „Request quote“ on the top of most sites e.g. when you click „Dashboard“ in the sidebar
  3. Fill out all information and click on „Request quote“ again
  4. We will contact you promptly to decide on further steps

4. Manage your event settings

  1. Change your event logo
    1. Click „Appearance“ in the sidebar
    2. At „Event logo“ either paste an url to your image or upload it from your computer
  2. Change your basic event information
    1. Click „General“ in the sidebar
    2. Modify any field you want and click „Save“
    3. For more information about the fields refer to how to create an event 

5. Create custom content types

  1. Click on “Content Types”
  2. Click the “Add” button at the top
  3. Refer to the following article for detailed information about creating content types

6. Create custom fields

  1. Select “Content Types” from Event Settings navigation
  2. Press the “Edit” button for the content type you would like to edit
  3. Select the “Fields” Tab
  4. Press the “Add custom field” on the top bar
  5. For more information about what kind of fields you can use and more refer to the Create custom fields in content type article

7. Add other user to your event

  1. Click „Users & Roles“ in the sidebar
  2. Click „Add“ on the top bar
  3. fill out the information about the user you want to add
  4. For more information refer to How to add Users

8. Activate self service & self creation

  1. If you want to send self service and self creation links you have to activate both in the content type settings
  2. Click „Content Types“ in the sidebar
  3. Choose your wished content type and click „Edit“
  4. Select the „Self Service“ tab
  5. activate self service and / or self creation
  6. Please refer to the following articles if you need more information

9. Get more information / Contact Support

From now on you are good to go and you can start to use the CMS

  1. If you need any further help you can either visit our How To Archive where you can find much more tutorials and information about everything you need here
  2. Or you can get in contact with us by using the „Contact Support“ form in your event sidebar