The major release November 2019 will bring a lot of new features. New field types and new view types help the users in their daily work.

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New Custom Field Type „Status“

The new custom field type „Status“ is available for all content types. Each status in the status field type can have a dedicated text and background color. The status fields can be used as selection criteria for Kanban views.

New field „Assigned to“

The new custom field type „Assigned to“ is now part of all existing and new content types. You can assign a content type to each Events66 CMS user of the active event.

New Table Views

The existing single table approach has been replaced by views. Now you can multiple named views for each content type. Each view can have it’s own display fields. The view switcher is located on the top left on the content types‘ view page.

New Kanban Views

We have introduced Kanban views. Selection criteria fields for Kanban Views have to have the field type „Status“ or „Assigned to“.


  • „+ Add content type“ is now located under „Event Settings“ and is named „Content Types“. Within you can add and manage content types
  • The color picker dialog has been updated.
  • New content type template „To do“
  • New reorder dialog of content type form fields
  • New filter for event activities