Events66 is €2.500 per event, all inclusive.

No matter how many items do you have in your event. €2.500/event is all you'll pay.

For €2.500 you will get:

  • Events66 including CMS/API Connect
  • Storage up to 50 GB per event and download per year up to 50 GB.
  • You can immediately use the full product. We will send you an invoice. No credit card required.

Try it now!

Just press the "Upgrade" in Events66 if you like it!

Additional Information:

  1. Each additional GB of data on storage and transfer will be charged by 1,50 € + VAT per GB. You can not change / re-use for other events during the one year period.
  2. The free product is for testing available has a limitation of up to 5 items per type.
  3. Price is per one event excl. VAT.