Last month we have asked our customers for feedback. This release is fully dedicated customers‘ feedback and provides a lot of the requested features.

Clarification of visibility of data and media

Based on customers‘ feedback, we would like to clarify the visibility of data and media files. Events66 Content Management System (CMS) handles the data and media as any other content management system (e.g. WordPress). Data (values in fields and texts) are only visible to the public on releasing, publishing, mailing or exporting the data. Media files (like images, pdf, etc.) are automatically public visible if you know the url as soon as they have been uploaded. The urls of media files are very long and not easy guessable (e.g.

Improved Export

You can now export a table view as well as full dataset. The „Export View“ exports only those fields that are in the view with the labels as header row, filter and sorting are kept. The full export exports all fields with the internal field keys.

New filter on tables as well as keeping filter, sort and search settings on navigation

Tables support now filters. According to the custom field type, the respective filter will be displayed. Filter, sort and search values will be kept as long as you are not reloading the screen.

Unique Field Values

Text and number fields have a new option „Is unique“. By activating this option the value will be validated on save or import.

References in Mail-Templates and additional display options for referenced fields in tables and forms

Mail templates are now able to resolve references and use the fields of the referenced items in mail templates. The display of referenced fields in tables and forms can additionally display two more fields of the referenced item.

Setup fields to be displayed in tables and references

Display reference in table views:

Display reference in form views:

Use fields from references in mail templates:

Header Image in self service forms

Self service forms support now a custom header image that is displayed on the top of the form for the given content type. The size of the header image has to be 1200px wide and 300 pixels high.


  • Self service forms support now the event language. All system information texts are available in german and english. Fields and custom fields have to be translated on your own.It is now possible to move the fields to the sidebar.
  • Icon only actions buttons for small screens
  • Styling improvements
  • Improved image upload
  • Overall speed improvements 🚀
  • And we removed some bugs.