Send automatic mail on status field change

You can send emails automatically based on changes of status fields. Create a status field in your content type (if not present) Open the mail or create one for the given content type Select the status field Select the status‘ value Select one of the email fields of this content. As soon as an item […]

Whitelisted API

Basics The REST URLs have the following format: GET<eventID>/types/<contentType>/secret/<apiSecret> Lists all objects. GET<eventID>/types/<contentType>/secret/<apiSecret> Lists all objects only with whitelisted fields. POST Creates a new object. POST Updates a existing object POST Headers Every POST request has to use the following headers: x-eventcode <your eventID (can be found in the general settings […]

How to use the API

You can access your data with our API to use them in 3rd party applications such as WordPress. Login into your event (you have to be an admin of this event) Make sure the items you want to get by api are „published“. Not published item are not accessible by API. Click on „API & […]