Release February 2020

Last month we have asked our customers for feedback. This release is fully dedicated customers‘ feedback and provides a lot of the requested features. Clarification of visibility of data and media Based on customers‘ feedback, we would like to clarify the visibility of data and media files. Events66 Content Management System (CMS) handles the data […]

Setup a complete „Call for Presentations“ process – Walkthrough (15 minutes)

Within this walkthrough, you will learn to setup a call for presentations workflow for your event based on our self creation forms. The same process can be used for any kind of data that you want to collect from users that have not been added by you to Events66 CMS, e.g. Call for Papers, Call […]

Release 01-2020

The January release will improve self services, provide new mail triggers based on status changes and new api functionality Themeable Self Service Forms We have updated the design and prepared themeable self service forms. Within the appearance section you can now change the colors and the theme of the self service forms. New field type […]

Send automatic mail on status field change

You can send emails automatically based on changes of status fields. Create a status field in your content type (if not present) Open the mail or create one for the given content type Select the status field Select the status‘ value Select one of the email fields of this content. As soon as an item […]

Whitelisted API

Basics The REST URLs have the following format: GET<eventID>/types/<contentType>/secret/<apiSecret> Lists all objects. GET<eventID>/types/<contentType>/secret/<apiSecret> Lists all objects only with whitelisted fields. POST Creates a new object. POST Updates a existing object POST Headers Every POST request has to use the following headers: x-eventcode <your eventID (can be found in the general settings […]

Create custom tables or kanbans

You can create unlimited different tables and kanbans to view different fields of your items. Create new Table Click on the icon at the top left corner of the screen which shows the current Name of the Table or Kanban Click „Add Table“ or „Edit“ if you want to edit the shown fields of a […]

Create custom fields in content type

You can create custom fields in any content type Select „Content Types“ from Event Settings navigation Press the „Edit“ button for the content type you would like to edit Select the „Fields“ Tab Press the „Add custom field“ on the top bar Fill in the label and select a field type. Available field types are: […]

Major Release November 2019

The major release November 2019 will bring a lot of new features. New field types and new view types help the users in their daily work. New Custom Field Type „Status“ The new custom field type „Status“ is available for all content types. Each status in the status field type can have a dedicated text […]

Create Mail Templates and send Mails

Create Mail Templates Mail Templates can be created by clicking on „Mail Templates“ in the sidebar of an event. A mail template is always associated with one content type. Within the mail body you can use placeholders for item fields from the associated content type or event (e.g. %%item.SelfServiceLink%% %%event.title%%). While Events66 is supporting plain […]

Self Service & Self Creation Forms

Self service forms allow contributors to edit existing items. Self service forms are accessible by a token protected url. Anyone who has the url is capable to edit the item. Self creations forms allow any user to create new items for given content type.

Create custom content type

Open or create an event and ensure that you have administrative rights for this event Click on „Content Types“ Click the „Add“ button at the top Choose one of the provided templates or choose „Custom Content Type“ to create a new content type Content Title: The title for your new content type Navigation Icon: Select […]