Please consider the following picture:

An Event is your event. It will be defined at least by an eventcode, title, date and language. Additional optional fields are available. The eventcode is a special field, it is the primary key for your event and can not be modified later.

An Event has types. This types can be created based on our standard types or your own types. Types are for instance exhibitor, partner, speakers, notifications, … You can think of types like sheets in an excel file
If you would like to use the Events66 app, you have to use the standard types (you can add additional fields)

A type has fields. The fields are any kind of input types (text, dropdown, checkbox, image upload, tag cloud ,…). Each field as additional attributes like label, requirement flags, etc. The visibility and accessibility of fields can be restricted to Events66 users and contributors.

Self service users
You can allow that an external user (self service user) can edit the public fields of a type. Do enable self service, you have to set the item to „Self service allowed“. You can then send the self service link to the user. Anyone who has the link can open the form and fill in data in the self-service form.

The standard types come with mail templates for „invite self service user“ and „remind self service user“. You can modify this template and insert placeholder from the event or type / item.

For more details see the How it works section.