Events66 has the following roles for users:

  1. Administrators (a.k.a. admin) of an event
    This is the owner of an event. The admin can manage all belongings of an event
  2. Editor of an event
    An editor can maintain only data within an event
  3. Self Service User
    The self service user is not a explicite role. Everyone who has a self service url and is contributing data is seen as a self service user. You

Add a new user as Administrator or Editor by clicking on “User management” in the sidebar:

  1. Press “Add”
  2. Choose action “Add user and send invitation”
  3. Fill in “Email of user”
  4. Specify appropriate roles
  5. Press “Create”

If the user has already an account in Events66, she will receive an email with a link and the event is immediately visible in her list of events. If the user does not exist, she will receive an invitation for creating an account. As soon as the account is created, she will have the event in her list of events.